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LED Lighting - LED Lighting Audits - Lighting Design - Fully Funded Installation Options









Our onsite surveys records your operating hours and electricity costs of your existing lighting leading to a detailed report which will:

  • Tell you exactly how much the current lighting system costs on a annual basis

  • Establish if your present lighting is suitable

  • Inform you if areas are over/under lit

  • Identify opportunities for daylight/presence control systems

  • Establish the best energy saving lighting technology for your needs

  • Identify any issues or specialist equipment needed for the installation of new lighting

  • Provide free quotations (including energy saving & payback calculations) for a new lighting scheme.

  • Apply for the Carbon Trust loans and finance initiatives on your behalf

  • Organize full project management, product supply, installation & commissioning of you new lighting


We offer a full consultancy service and employ our own in house, experienced electrical team  who have the necessary qualifications.

Converting your home or business to LED lighting 

  • Up to 80% energy savings

  • 100% instant light output

  • Average operational life span of 60,000 hours, reducing maintenance and re-lamping

  • Low heat generation

  • Cold and vibration resistant


For a no obligation consultation contact a member of our team.


With the many options of funding available depending on your circumstance LED upgrades can be done without delay and the savings on your energy bill can start as soon as we turn the lights on.

If you are interested in talking to some of our previous customers about the process or the results of the upgrade just ask our team.

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